DAY 293 !

Red Landy is in Jo-burg


Elises are in Cape Town


Last update 25 July 2011

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Fürstenau (D)

The long Eastern weekend with the club to Germany! A huge terrain for all kinds of off road levels. What more does one want?

It was the first time for me camping in the rooftent. It was at first quite exciting that only half of the tent was above the car and the rest just floating in the air. But it sleeps perfect!

The first day in the terrain, we drove safely around the paths. We drove the blue gps route and in the afternoon we followed this defender-camper through the mud. In the evening a good bbq and lots of beers!


Team Trophy

The second day we joined up for the Team Trophy, not knowing what it would be... We were placed in this group with only experienced 90-drivers. First, all teams were to set out a challenge and ours was around a steep pit. The route was directed up and down in the pit and I could only wonder how to steer Elise through the challenge within 40 minutes. Luckily, our team members were the best and they helped us giving directions and orders (mainly 'more gas!!!'). The adrennaline level was kept at a high through the other challenges and I was stunned what a Land Rover was capable of doing!