DAY 293 !

Red Landy is in Jo-burg


Elises are in Cape Town


Last update 25 July 2011

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Car repairs

After the loss of the World Cup finals on Sunday July 11th 2010 it was no time to do any intellectual work, so the perfect moment to work on the car. Theo and Stanley worked for 6 days on the car trying to get the machine ready for the big trip. Surely 6 full days from 8am till 10pm would be sufficient to get everything done. Not so. On several occasions we experienced the unforeseen. As an example, on Wednesday we decided to install a new timing belt and followed the Land Rover manual step by step. However, after draining the coolant and loosening the radiator hoses we needed to remove the fan which requires two special LR tools. Oeps, we don’t have those. No problem, after 5 hours of tinkering we managed to make them ourselves. Hurray…….for three seconds…. As the next step is to remove the crankshaft pulley which requires…indeed, a special LR tool (LRT-12-080).
We managed to do:

  1. Replaced batteries (installed 2 Optima yellow top deep cycle batteries)
  2. Replaced rear bench

Suspension system

  1. Replaced 1 of the 2 rear shock absorbers on each side
  2. Installed new front shock absorbers
  3. Replaced all the bushed of the suspension system underneath the car including the panrod, front radius arms, rear radius arms, etc (huge job!!)

Drive system (propeller shaft, axles and final drive)

  1. Topped up the grease in rear propeller shaft
  2. Replaced gasket for rear diff and renewed oil (80W-90)
  3. Renewed front diff oil


  1. Replaced serpentine belt tensioner with new SKF bearing
  2. Removed engine oil sump and replaced the gasket
  3. Changed air filter
  4. Changed oil filter

Brake  and clutch system

  1. Renewed brake system oil
  2. Checked the handbrake
  3. Renewed clutch system oil

Cooling system

  1. Drained the coolant fluid

Fuel system

  1. Changed diesel filter
  2. Drained the 2 fuel sedimenter units
  3. Taken down the leaking fuel tank
  4. Removed the electrical diesel pump

Steering system

  1. Renewed the right rubber cover of the steering track rod

Still to do: